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Sha Kak Dam: USS CG-17 Harry E. Yarnell.

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Lumen: USS Ticonderoga CG-47 USS Vincennes CG-49 USS Valley Forge CG-50

Lumen: USS San Jacinto CG-56 USS Long Beach CGN-9

Lumen: USS Long Beach CGN-9 A U.S. Navy P-3 Orion from the Skinny Dragons of Patrol Squadron 4 leads a Japanese P-3 in flight over a bilateral force of U.S. and Japanese ships. The ships in formation are: USS Key West SSN 722, USS Vandergrift FFG 48, USS California CGN 36, USS Chancellorsville CG 62, USS Port Royal CG 73, JDS Kirishima DDG 174, JDS Shirane DDH 143, JDS Murasame DD 101, JDS Harusame DD 102, and JDS Towada AOE 422. The operations are part of RIMPAC '98. RIMPAC '98 is designed to enhance the tactical capabilities of participating units in major aspects of maritime operations at sea. RIMPAC '98 is the sixteenth in a series of Pacific naval exercise/ http://www.defense.gov/photos/newsphoto.aspx?newsphotoid=1460

Lumen: "",1981.


Lumen: USS Chancellorsville (CG 62) ,22.03.2003.

Lumen: USS South Carolina (CGN-37) ,1995.

Max: USS Long Beach CGN-9 1961 USS Long Beach CGN-9 1963

Max: USS Long Beach CGN-9

Sha Kak Dam: USS CL-145 Roanoke.

Sha Kak Dam: USS CA-148 Newport News